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Less is More- Our design mantra.

Simple yet finely detailed. Perfectly handcrafted home decor products.



Squared- Table lamp

"Thoughtfully designed lamp. Dramatically illuminating."


Gavigangadhareshwara Ceramic Wall plate

"Truly liked the product and must be thankful to artist for bringing this piece of work."

Vishal Kadam

Terracotta Cooler

"Earth friendly. Sleek design & perfectly cooling. Right size for the dinner table."

Geetha Prabhu

Blog posts

Sahyadri- An inspired collection

Sahyadri- An inspired collection

We at handworkstudio design with the intent to incorporate a handmade element into most of our products. And then, we set about to stretch that han...
Ruthugaana-Song of Season

Ruthugaana-Song of Season

The grey skies meet a colourful rainbow and it’s a sight to behold. While the concepts were drawn up for the new monsoon collection- we set out wit...