Ruthugaana-Song of Season

The grey skies meet a colourful rainbow and it’s a sight to behold.

While the concepts were drawn up for the new monsoon collection- we set out with one clear guideline- we will be working on bring in new designs & explore new uses on fabrics specifically handmade in Nammanadu- Karunadu (Karnataka).

Karnataka is home to traditional designs and intricate weaving methods. The more traditional saris of Karnataka are the Molkalmuru saris of Chitradurga and the Ilkal saris of Bagalkot.

Weaving is supposed to have come to Ilkal around the 8th century AD with the Bahamanis & Chalukyas.

One thing that surely caught our sight on this journey was the colourful Guledgudd Khana fabric.

The traditional Guledgudd Khana (Choli or Blouse, elsewhere called Khana), which is only one traditional cluster making blouse fabric in India. The unique designs produced by using dyed yarns represent the traditions followed by people of some regions of Karnataka and Maharashtra states. The motifs used for the designs are extracted from nature, ancient stone sculptures of Badami and the Hindu Mythology. These Khana materials are so popular that, except these traditional designs no other designs are accepted by the users of Khana.

The basic raw material is silk, viscose and cotton yarn. Dyeing of cotton and silk yarn is done in open using firewood.

Something so rich in texture & seeped in history inspired us to give it a new twang.

Here we have new collection Ruthugaana- ‘Song of the Season’.

Welcome the grey clouds with our colorful cushion covers. Brighten up that rainy evening with these beautifully handcrafted cushion covers.


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