Sahyadri- An inspired collection

We at handworkstudio design with the intent to incorporate a handmade element into most of our products. And then, we set about to stretch that handmade element in our products to a 100%.

We started working on our concepts with a guideline to evoke new designs & explore new uses for handmade fabrics made in Karnataka.

The fact that hand-spinning as well as hand-weaving were quite prevalent in prehistoric India is quite evident from the history. For many centuries prior to the nineteenth, India had been a major producer and provider of textiles of all kinds. Regional specialization in the subcontinent in the manufacturing of textiles was an important element in the history of the textile sector over the centuries.

Cutting across these regional specializations is probably the one unifying fabric - Khadi.

Khadi simply means a handspun and hand woven cloth. But to us, in the Indian subcontinent it has come to mean a persistent journey which evokes strong sentiments.

The fabric ‘Khadi’ is now synonyms as the fabric of Indian Independence. The identity of self-reliance was constructed and used through the medium of a simple yet powerful means of a khadi. The simple Charkha is even today a strong symbol for everything swadeshi.

Collaborating with us on this endeavor are Janapada Seva Trust- a soulful Khadi weaving unit in Karnataka.

Inspiring us on this journey has been another unifying feature- The Western Ghats are one of the UNESCO heritage sites of India.

It is the one of the World’s Hottest Biodiversity hotspots. The ever benevolent mountains are home to diverse flora and fauna- inspiring us to showcase this beautiful eco-space.

Collaborating with us in this experience were Kaikrafts- an NGO in Dharwad which specializes in Kasuthi- the hand embroidery format native to Karnataka. Translating our sketches of various features of the Western Ghats into hand embroidered products has been an engaging excursion of sorts.

Introducing our table linen collection ‘Sahyadri’ – the saga of a hand spun - hand woven fabric then hand embroidered showcasing the serenity of this land of rains- Malenadu as it is known in Kannada. 

Join us on this trip at and explore.




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