The nip in the air!!

Now, we have curated a collection of our products inspired by the colors that pop thru this season. The vibrant oranges, the deep browns & the spark of greens. The warmth of spices & the flicker of warm lamps.

We love the little things, the unexpected pops of wit and whimsy that give our days life. Our journey is fluid and open-ended: of pure wanderlust, of discovery, of spontaneity. And this is the inspiration for 'the white board'.


Get inspired this season!!

The falling leaves flutter down in the cool autumn air that is just about turning into a chilly winter.
Utterly beautiful. First a green leaf, then shortly afterwards a yellow leaf stained with bits of orange and green. They hit the ground lightly, making no sound effects just as the bright winter sun peeps thru the grey skies.

Only weeks ago the air was warm and the streets in the wide avenue were deep summer green, now they are tinged with red and gold. The leaves & the beautiful conversations around the warm bonfire.

All these have inspired us!! 

The leaves inspired trinket boxes- perfect gifting idea this season of giving!!

The warm oranges & the bright green cushion covers to keep you company on a grey evening. 

The joy of sitting under a tree on a warm wintry afternoon or find the comfort of a bonfire with our solid wood  lamps.

The warm aroma of spices & the fruit cake just as they waft in, all this & more bottled up in our products just to let you soak up the season perfectly!!