Vintage Collection- Story of the first bulb

Wood is always in the context of the past and the present, because it keeps the warmth and energy of nature. It absorbs time and ages gracefully.

And the basis of any light fitting to is to go back to the first light bulb. And the first light bulbs were incandescent bulbs all set on wooden bases.

The basis of any light fitting is a light emitting bulb. And that is where we begin, with the story of how Edison had invented a light bulb meant for mass production.

As much as Thomas Alva Edison was an inventor he was also a businessman, who tirelessly worked on a technology superior to the gas lamp and marketable to the general public. And by his own count, he sought the help of biologists to test the carbonized filaments of more than 6,000 plant species in his search for a long-burning material. He finally settled on bamboo, and in 1879 he created a 16-watt bulb that could burn for over 1200 hours. Tungsten is still the primary material used in incandescent bulb filaments today. The machinery needed to produce super-fine tungsten wire was not available in the late nineteenth century. Edison had a glass-blowing studio in his laboratory where glass makers churned out bulb after bulb for his constant experiment.

Other than these refinements, though, the incandescent bulbs we use today are essentially identical to those developed by Edison in 1880. Reproduction "Edison" bulbs look different because instead of double-wrapping six feet of tungsten filament into a tight coil, they have the filament stretched out and visible, formed into wonky lines or primitive shapes. They also typically have vintage-inspired bulb shapes, like the ones we have used that features a hand-blown looks reminiscent of Edison's own prototype.

And the first light bulbs were all set on wooden bases and for many years in most homes, there were simple yet beautiful wooden lamps with exposed incandescent bulbs.Meanwhile here in India, it was mostly a wick lamp which was regulated by a little knob. And we graduated from wicker lamps to electric lamps, the tinge of nostalgia continued with the holder and its control knobs. The simple wooden base and an exposed wire and bulb, was reminiscent from those summer evenings, a cool breeze and a new comic or playing an indoor game at the grandparents home. This is all about going back in time, getting vintage and reminiscent .Rewind and set that perfect mood with our lamps.

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