Squared Table lamp

Squared Table lamp

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A simple solid wood table lamp, and for the book reader in you, it can double up as book ends. The table lamp is designed around- an Edison bulbs, aka filament bulbs. They are often used bare light bulbs that you can look at directly without hurting your eyes. These Filament light bulbs will add vibrancy; warmth and vintage nostalgia to any decor setting. Available in two colours- Teak finish and Mahagony finish. 

Size-10.5"x10.5"x5.5" (26.7x26.7x13.97 cms)

Material: Beech wood with teakwood polish and waterproof coating. Includes Vintage brass holder with control knob. 1.8mts Wire with switch control and Edison bulb.

Care Instructions: Ensure both the arms of the table lamp are uniformly and gently pulled apart simultaneously. Also the arms need to align together and simultaneously pressed together to form the square table lamp. Ensure the bulb is not in use while carrying out the separation and assembly. For indoor usage. Please use a dry cloth to wipe.

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