Nammuru-Wall Decor

Currently our wall decor consists of 'Nammuru'- a set of hand sketches of Bengalurus's landmarks and Chennai's spirit set in ceramic to adore your walls.

Bengaluru-Bangalore-BLR-Bendakaluru- what is in a name, because it has come a long way to mean many things more? From ‘poor man’s hill station-pensioner’s paradise-garden city-silicon city-pub city-startup town’, sobriquets and niceties, the small sleepy town has time traveled to fame.Three local kings and glorious weather aided in setting up the tone of the city. And we make a humble effort to pay tribute to this beautiful city of warm people. We have captured some of the architectural landmarks of the city that are so distinctly Bengaluru.

We have a single tile that beautifully captures the hues and spirit of the cultural city of Chennai.

We are working on adding more beautiful places and their landmarks. Write to us if you have a suggestion.

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