Table Decor

Introducing our table linen collection ‘Sahyadri’ – the saga of a hand spun - hand woven fabric then hand embroidered showcasing the serenity of this land of rains- Malenadu as it is known in Kannada. 

Khadi simply means a handspun and hand woven cloth. But to us, in the Indian subcontinent it has come to mean a persistent journey which evokes strong sentiments.

Inspired by The Western Ghats- which is one of the UNESCO heritage sites of India. It is the one of the World’s Hottest Biodiversity hotspots. The ever benevolent mountains are home to diverse flora and fauna- inspiring us to showcase this beautiful eco-space.

Dress up your dinner table. Table cloth, place mats and runners to add patterns and color to your dining area. Compliment it with hand sketched ceramic plates.

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